About Us.

Who we are

During a time when stable jobs providing growth, high salaries, good benefits, and genuine leadership were few and far between, It's Destiny Recruiting was founded to help curious, emotionally intelligent, and motivated individuals find their next sales position. You are enough.

Creating happy partnerships between top performing sellers and trusted employer clients is our passion. We specialize in placing Sales Development Reps, Marketing Development Reps, Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers and Sales Leaders in both mid-market and enterprise markets.

Honing on Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) recruiting as our niche, we choose to work solely with sales leadership who offer an inclusive culture. We aim to ignite the light in those with diversity of thought including talented women, people of color, and those of diverse gender identities and backgrounds.

From entry level SDRs who don’t understand what work they need to do to access these rooms, to experienced reps dedicated to winning a spot at your table, our goal is simply to find the best possible fit for both candidate and client.

The candidate experience

Through interview coaching we will work with you to have a deep understanding of your buyer in these roles, the problems you solve, and the best way to drive meetings and revenue.

We know what has worked and what has not worked for our employer clients, giving you a chance to be a competitive candidate. Let us help you put your best foot forward!

The client experience

Using video messaging as a major component of our recruiting efforts, we bring the human approach needed to attract passive top performers while being a walking, talking billboard for your brand.

We are not here to replace recruiting efforts, just bring you the best talent as we build relationships with those that exceed quota and are a major culture add. Our job is to make the process inclusive, productive, and transparent for everyone involved so you can focus on making money.

Meet the team

We are here to coach you for interview success. Connect with us on LinkedIn, and let's talk about the next steps in your job search or hiring journey.

Destiny Brandt

Founder & Employer Relationships
Seattle, WA

Scott Brandt

Co-Founder & Finance Manager
Seattle, WA

Chuck Brandt

Chief Barking Officer
His Back Yard, Seattle, WA